Dec 2016

Wrap your emails for the holiday season

Wrap your emails for the holiday season



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Holiday emailing is an integral part of the marketing strategy of any business and sometimes it might get overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you send the perfect holiday emails and connect with your audience the right way.

Look back.

Before all the planning, take a look back and analyse the performance of the previous holiday season, for there are many things to learn. You’ll get an overall view on what worked, what didn’t and where there’s room for improvement.

Prepare the lists.

Audience segmentation can be a gold mine if you have the proper analytics and reporting in place. The possibilities are numerous and you can segment from demographics all the way down to more granular characteristics like subscriber level reporting, device, operating system and so much more!

Make it special for your special subscribers.

Your most active subscribers are meant to be cherished now more than ever because they are your loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Reward them with a special discount, early access to sales, or a first look at new products.

Create subject lines that reflect the holiday spirit.

The best holiday email subject lines are festive and creative but to the point. You can also consider adding emojis for an even better holiday mood. Not to mention brands using them in their subject lines have seen a significant increase in their unique open rates.

Email content that focuses on special holiday deals.

The holiday season is about discounts and deals and it’s the special offers that drive sale during this time. Give your subscribers an irresistible deal and lure them with free shipping, product or service discounts.

Spread the joy, be social.

Having social sharing options in your emails allows subscribers to pass along your holiday offer to their network and get you some new subscribers or customers. These buttons hardly take any space in your email and can actually work wonders for you.

Santa’s coming and he’s got a mobile.

People rely on their smartphones and tablets for all kinds of information and according to Litmus, in September 2016, 56% of emails were opened on mobiles. In addition, a whopping 76% of Black Friday emails and 63% of Cyber Monday emails were opened on a mobile device in 2015. So make your content responsive and keep it short. You can always provide links to detailed content on your website.

Prepare gift cards to save the day and…the procrastinators.

You will find a lot of last minute shoppers because sometimes it’s difficult to find time to actually go out and shop or because they’re just procrastinators. And here you come, saving the day with some very handy gift cards in order to spare them time and simplify the shopping process.

As the holidays approach make sure to test every campaign you send across the most popular inboxes and devices, check that your links are working, the content displays beautifully and there are no other bugs. And last but not least spread a little cheer by saying thank you. Remember what this holiday season is about: being thankful for loved ones and for your customers.

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