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We are a multi-skilled team particularizing in technology, IT infrastructure and digital resources for online marketing. We are organized in various teams each with its own role. The teams are involved in internet infrastructure & resources services, email marketing specialization, research & development software expertise, network engineering and maintenance and support departments such as in-house marketing, human resources, accounting and financial services.


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Passion driven, technology inspired

EMIA works as a hub-oriented team. We nurture entrepreneurship and encourage individuality and out-of-the-box thinking. Thus, we don’t really care about work hours and staying in the office 8 hours every day, but we do encourage leadership and efficiency. We work according to objectives, set and evaluate achievements after a given amount of time. Driven by passion and inspired by technology, we have an approach that focuses on results and measurable growth.

Our company looks into partnering with clients that have the interest to grow exponentially through digital marketing. Any new startups or any formidable enterprises are all welcome to our organization to experience the quality workmanship that we provide. As long as it is boosting entrepreneurship, we are the company to turn to as we advocate strongly towards this course.

Through our digital marketing efforts, our team has achieved a couple of milestones in our hands. We have been able to procure 1 billion impressions, 100 million clicks and 15 million conversions.

Comprehensively, we have had a compound annual growth rate of 158% in revenue and 175% in net profit from 2013 to 2015. Targeting 120 million active consumers, there is a potential of reaching out 2.6 billion in advertiser value. Meaning this is an easy acquisition of $40 in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing

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Our teams are made up of dynamic and creative individuals who are always up for a challenge. They are adequately equipped in business and technical prowess in the field of technology and marketing.

Our workforce is always active, flexible, spirited and focused on attaining the required results. We don’t play games and have more of a value and passion-oriented drive and mentality towards the approach of our work.

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