The way we organize our work life is centred on being able to be efficient, productive and balanced. We believe that each colleague is his own leader and entrepreneur and we support and encourage that attitude. Because we cherish flexibility, we tend to characterize being part of Emia as a lifestyle.

Emia is comprised of multiple digital advertising branches. Our efforts are split in four main activities that are regarded as stand-alone businesses.


Strategy is the foundation for our email marketing teams. With smart and innovative R&D departments we develop beautiful technical solutions that adapt to an ever-growing market. Using AI, machine learning, scripting and cutting-edge technologies we sort and analyse extensive data sources and then develop intelligent solutions to benefit our clients.


Our Technical department manages and maintains a worldwide digital infrastructure with various resources that serve a wide array of online businesses. With equal focus on concept and execution, the team ensures a seamless operation.


Our Commercial team serves clients all around the world, making sure their digital needs are covered and they benefit from top notch services, regardless of the size of the business they are running. The team delivers efficient solutions, as well as some of our smartest ideas.


Everything stays together with the help of our Support Team that takes care of HR, Financial and Marketing actions so that we run a smooth operation. Their main focus is finding the perfect work formula and integrating it into an amazing work culture that takes into account all the quirks of a multidisciplinary team.

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