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We represent the place where technology meets commerce, tackling the digital advertising industry with creative solutions fit for each challenge

An innovative hub where ideas grow

We’ve started work in the digital advertising business in 2008 and we’ve grown, learnt and adapted to the myriad changes in the industry. As part of the BenGen Group, a multi-disciplinary innovative hub where ideas grow, Emia stands as the leading technology player in an everchanging market.

Emia provides human capital, technology, and resources which power and drive leading digital advertising companies, creating competitive advantages and differentiation for them in the marketplace.

To have a good outcome and to be able to measure real objectives, we do not rely only on one strategy, but we combine various strategies that will help us form a more powerful digital impact. We are driven by results and building long term partnerships.

EMIA About Us

We also provide creative assistance, implementation and optimization process for online marketers using our proprietary technology. With our process implementation, we advise on the tools to use in order to market businesses and offer guidance in optimizing results.

Because we activate in interconnected digital fields, we have our teams structured based on their interest and capabilities, from artificial intelligence to sales support, from software development to Marketing and HR.

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