Jan 2017

5 email marketing metrics you should pay attention to (and probably don’t)

Dig into in-depth email marketing analytics to improve your ROI

So you have a business and you’ve already begun setting up email campaigns for it. You’ve been doing it for a while now and naturally, you checked, sometimes obsessively, to see how they perform. You looked at your open rates and clicks and received valuable information, but did you know these metrics don’t actually tell the entire story? While they are important to note, there’s actually a lot more to consider. If you’re looking for answers to when, where, how long and in what client your emails are being viewed, check out these five insights detailed below.

Engagement reporting

We’ll define engagement as what happens between an open and a click. While many marketers advise that email engagement improves by optimizing your send time, individual success correlates a lot with the wants and needs of your specific audience. An engagement report on your email campaigns will give you context on your open rates by tracking how long a subscriber has an email open, find out whether someone opened your email only to immediately hit delete, or if someone actually took the time to engage with your content. In the following image, you can see the standard ‘thresholds’ set to categorize a read, skim or glance.

Picture ota

Let’s say you find yourself having very high delete rates. This is a good time to take a step back and look at what you did differently in this email compared to others and remove what doesn’t work from your future approach.

Geolocation reporting

Geolocation shows you where in the world your subscribers opened your email and takes segmentation to the next level. This type of reporting helps adjust your content or segment accordingly and help you decide whether you should deploy campaigns by different time zones or if a recipient is close enough for you to target regarding a local event you’re planning.

Picture ota2

img. source: emailonacid.com


Heat map & Click track

Heat maps help you understand what your subscribers want by showing you where users are clicking throughout your site. Are your clicks mostly near the top? Do they like pictures or text links better? Learn from your subscribers’ habits, so you can better help them.

Picture ota3

Subscriber activity reports

These reports give you valuable information on how attentive your audience is to your emails. Find out when or how long it took them to open the email, what they clicked on or if they opened at all and use the results to plan the next steps. You can generate a list of those who didn’t open and send that group a modified campaign. If you see a big percentage of your opens happening 2-3 days after the send, you may want to avoid One Day Only promotions. Use this report to determine when your audience is most receptive to your emails. You can then adjust your send time to hit this key time perfectly on your next send. Really this type of reporting is like your Holy Grail and the possibilities are endless.

Picture ota4

img. source: emailonacid.com

Email client report

Outlook or Gmail? iPhone or Android? This metric helps you track client and device usage to focus your testing and optimisation efforts where they really matter. You can see which ISPs your subscribers use most often and troubleshoot if you’re getting blocked. Look here for a recent email client usage worldwide.

As you can see, in depth analytics give you so many useful insights regarding your subscribers and many possibilities to create more relevant emails with better results.


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