Nov 2016

Yahoo allows users to import contacts from hundreds of email providers

A couple of weeks ago Yahoo announced a new change for their email service. Starting November 10th, the Yahoo mail for desktop allows users to import contacts from more than 200 other email providers including Comcast, iCloud, AOL and Mail.ru. Considering the previous version only let users import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook or other Yahoo account, this is good news if you wanted to have all your contacts in a single place.

To use this feature, users have to go to the Contacts tab in Yahoo Mail, click ‘Import contacts’ and select ‘Other email address.’ Once they provide the credentials for the other account, Yahoo Mail will automatically upload the contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers copying them into their Yahoo Mail address book.

Yahoo’s latest decision comes as an attempt to keep its existing customers close by, after the company has dealt with some not very flattering image and security issues. One of them was the company’s announcement in 2014 which claimed that “state-sponsored” hackers had gained access to 500 million customer accounts. But a recent Reuters report  showed the tech company has secretly built a software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials.

Nonetheless, Yahoo’s dark days seem to get to an end along with its 21 years status as an independent company. After months of biddings and many layoffs Yahoo found a buyer in Verizon, who acquired the company’s core business which includes Yahoo’s advertising, content, search and mobile activities.

Their goal is to integrate Yahoo with AOL, which was also bought by Verizon last year for 4,4 m $ and to form a bigger advertising and media subsidiary. This way AOL will get more scale and reach enough internet and mobile users to become an advertising giant and turn into a real competitor for Facebook and Google as far as advertising goes.

“Yahoo is a company that has changed the world, and will continue to do so through this combination with Verizon and AOL. The sale of our operating business, which effectively separates our Asian asset equity stakes, is an important step in our plan to unlock shareholder value for Yahoo,” said Marissa Mayer, Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo, in the press release.

“This transaction also sets up a great opportunity for Yahoo to build further distribution and accelerate our work in mobile, video, native advertising and social. Yahoo and AOL popularised the Internet, email, search and real-time media. It’s poetic to be joining forces with AOL and Verizon as we enter our next chapter focused on achieving scale on mobile. We have a terrific, loyal, experienced and quality team, and I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements to date, including building our new lines of business to $1.6 billion in GAAP revenue in 2015. I’m excited to extend our momentum through this transaction”, Mayer added.

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