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EMIA is a member of Accelwise team.

Accelwise connects engaged consumers with your products. We work with Accelwise to connect cutting-edge email delivery technology with compilant best practices. Email breaks down every digital and physical boundary.

EvoWise are digital advertising leaders and form another part of the Accelwise team. EvoWise creates novel and proprietary technology to keep household brands in the eyes of the target consumer at the digital point of decision-making or sale.

With our powers combined, Accelwise, EMIA and EvoWise find the best technical solution to fit your brand.


Proud to collaborate and innovate with online marketers.

Madrivo delivers data-driven lead generation, customer acquisition and brand awarness campaigns through email, mobile, social and display advertising. Madrivo also delivers some impressive results.

1 billion impressions, 100 million clicks, 15 million conversions


A compound annual growth rate of 158% in revenue and 175% in net profit from 2013 to 2015.

120 million active consumers - 2.6 billion advertiser value ($40 in revenue for every dollar spent on email marketing)


Engagement and strategy

With the advent of internet today, all businesses, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to big corporations getting into the market, have no way to do so without the engagement of digital marketing. Everything as of this moment is all about online advertising. From business, to politics, to entertainment, education and so on, all rely on the digital component of marketing. As days go by, companies are finding very clever ways to come up with marketing avenues, strategies and ideas that beat the ordinary day-to-day show.

Join our team and see what cutting-edge tactics in email delivery technology we have up our sleeves. With our inbound marketing tactics, we have helped companies attract leads that have eventually led into promising contenders and eventually clients. We offer a robust resource of marketing skills that help you figure out ways of how you can make the best out of consuming digital content in real time. Insights that are easy to decipher and take in gives you in-depth information about what is going with the display of charts and reports.

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We also rely on international experts to improve our results. Our support and operational team in India acquires resources to meet our internal requirements so we continue to get the best results for your company.

Our pool of expertise is deep and we continue to hunt for the best people and businesses to bring you results.

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