Mar 2020
We're hiring

R&D Specialist

in Bucharest, Romania


R&D Specialist

Bucharest, Romania

Do you consider yourself a problem solver who can foresee digital trends?

Identifying and developing email strategies for the successful deployment of customers’ online marketing campaigns.

Our R&D Specialists (both employees and partners) usually perform actions like:

  • Identifying and monitoring anti-spam filters on several domains;
  • Developing email marketing strategies;
  • Documenting threats and trends for emailing process;
  • Operating site maintenance and development;
  • Managing and developing email testing;
  • Staying up-to-date with best practices, strategies and industry standards related to emailing
  • A well-deserved salary and performance commission
  • “As long as the job gets done” type of flexible hours
  • “Employee of the month” performance bonus
  • Referral bonus for getting your friends to work with us
  • “Birthday Bash at the Wheel of Fortune” (it’s weird but you want it, trust us)
  • Medical coverage to keep you healthy
  • Holiday bonification twice a year to keep you happy
  • Career improvement training and workshops to make you smarter


  • “Jingle and Mingle” & “Fun in the sun” – the best company parties you’ve ever seen
  • We hold a cool event every month
  • Each team goes on outings to keep that flame alive
  • We have fresh fruit and vegetables, along with coffee and tea to keep that brain in top shape
  • The onsite snack dispenser is here for those moments when all you need is chocolate
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R&D Specialist in Bucharest, Romania

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