Web App Developer


We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, excited about using technology to make everyone’s job easier, enjoys working on and solving problems, communicates effectively, and can work with and add to the value of our team.
You will be working along with our Infrastructure team who offers infrastructure, tech support and tech consulting services to our clients. Your role’s purpose is to develop a modular web app that will allow our clients to operate some of their most common requirements. This web app will integrate our ERP and our equipment in order to make everyone’s life easier.


  • You program dynamic web applications in PHP and/or Python, any other web development languages and technologies would be considered a plus.
  • You can handle working with legacy code with the understanding that you can improve it or re-code it, as time permits
  • You are comfortable with the Linux command line environment. You understand the basics of databases (SQL and/or NoSQL), particularly how they are used in web apps. You have experience with making a website smooth, secure, and scalable.
  • You enjoy solving all of the issues that go along with development. Whether the app needs a change, an existing application is having issues, an application works in one browser but needs a fix for another, or you suddenly come up with an entirely new approach that improves a current method, you are consistently flexible and can quickly adapt to any situation.
  • You have an understanding of basics DevOps practices, including the process where your code flows from requirement to development to stage to production
  • You understand the importance of proper documentation and permanently make sure documentation is up to date
  • You test, debug and troubleshoot when necessary
  • You brainstorm and collaborate with team members to develop solutions and think on the fly
  • You take pride and ownership in the work you create; you thrive in a startup culture where no task is beyond your reach, and you excel in a collaborative environment.
  • The main technologies you will use include:

PHP and / or Python (preferably “and” 😉 )

Database technologies – MySQL or NoSQL

Skills & Qualifications

  • 3-5 years of developing and delivering customer-facing web experiences
  • Experience with Web Services and MVC framework
  • Experience with MySQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with git, svn, or other modern version control systems
  • Ability to follow technical specifications and production processes
  • Experience with Python and/or PHP
  • Experience with Linux

Personal Background:

  • Good time management, problem-solving, teamwork, organization and communication skills
  • Proven ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Ability to work in both an individual and team-based environment
  • Creative geek who thinks outside the box and loves to bring up ideas and implement them


  • A well-deserved salary;
  • “As long as the job gets done” type of flexible hours;
  • “Employee of the month” performance bonus;
  • Referral bonus for getting your friends to work with us;
  • “Birthday Bash at the Wheel of Fortune” (it’s weird but you want it, trust us);
  • Medical coverage to keep you healthy;
  • Holiday bonification twice a year to keep you happy;
  • Career improvement trainings and workshops to make you smarter;
  • Bookster subscription;


  • “Jingle and Mingle” & “Fun in the sun” – the best company parties you’ve ever seen;
  • We hold a cool event every month;
  • Each team goes on outings to keep that flame alive;
  • The onsite snack dispenser is here for those moments when all you need is chocolate;

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