Aug 2016

How to tackle inactive subscribers?

How to tackle inactive subscribers?

Email marketers have different approaches on the issue of inactive subscribers, but which one should you put in practice?

Taking no action in the case of inactive subscribers is a big NO since it may affect your reputation. Ignoring those that are not reading you emails is not the solution because by sending emails to those who are not opening them or show no interest in your offers will draw attention from Google or Yahoo. Your deliverability will suffer sooner or later and your emails could be sent to the spam folder. This is definitely something you don’t want.
The spam folder fear determines some marketers to completely remove inactive subscribers from the list. But after investing in getting them on your list, is this the smartest decision? Bringing new subscribers will cost you more than waking up the inactive ones.

Waking the dead

In an industry where you’re fighting for attention, the best thing you can do is to analyse all the elements included in the email marketing process.
Why is that a big percentage of your subscribers don’t react to your emails?
Firstly, make sure you give them something relevant. Sending offer after offer becomes predictable at some point and people already know what to expect. Consumers are overwhelmed with emails focused on selling rather than providing relevant information. For most of the subscribers a sales pitch is no longer appealing.
Secondly, don’t be afraid to find out what your list thinks of you. Surveys can be great when you want to define the relationship you have with your customers. While most of your inactive subscribers may not respond, finding out the opinion of those interested in your products will be helpful for future re-engagement campaigns that may wake up the dead list.
Last but not least, put together the first two points and start rebuilding your relationship with the unconvinced subscribers. Provide them with useful information that is suited to their specific interests. This will do much more than a sales pitch can do in these situations.
Differentiating the dead leads from the dormant ones
A question remains, though. After attempting everything, should you get rid of inactive subscribers or not?
It’s important to differentiate those whom never engaged from those that have been interested in your products at some point. So here’s what you should do:
  • For those who have never shown interest in your business, they vanished after signing up and they never opened you emails just send a recommitment email campaign. Simply ask them if they still want to be part of your list and if yes, how often would they accept your messages.  Be creative and test the subject line because as inactive subscribers it will be harder to convince them to open emails from you. Always use a call to action for a better response rate. If your efforts are in vain it’s time to clean up your list. You will ultimately see the results as your open rate will increase since the inactive leads will disappear. 
  • Other inactive subscribers are those who seem to be sleeping. They used to be active but for some reasons they have disappeared from the list of active leads. If you create a re-engagement campaign you might have hit the jackpot. You can automate this process by sending messages when these subscribers become inactive. Next to a heart-breaking message that shows how much you missed them you can add a call to action that will send them to your website. For increased chances of success, personalise the content to fit the subscribers’ profiles.
Whether you are already dealing with a big percentage of inactive users or you’re just starting to panic about the low open rate, the important thing is to have a plan and try to re-engage them before giving up.
Our conclusion? Never give up on your subscribers. Recommitment emails, re-engagement campaigns and anything that could wake their interest, is worth the effort.

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