Aug 2016

How is Pay Per Call advertising helping your business?

Thanks to smartphones marketing is now more mobile than ever. This means that advertising campaigns have also evolved and changed to suit the mobile requirements.

The Pay Per Call industry is undergoing a big expansion which is, of course, related to the growth of the mobile market. Pay Per Call advertising proved to bring great results to affiliate marketers so why not find out the advantages of this innovative tool?


Who can use Pay Per Call advertising?

Advertisers can use this to increase a campaign reach or the marketing distribution by generating more calls that will add to the business’ development.

Marketing agencies can use Pay Per Call to increase inbound call traffic for their customers. Managing publishers and lead generation become easier to handle.

Publishers have the possibility to drive call traffic just as they drive online traffic. Calls add value because they can bring targeted leads that are easily converted.


Why is PPCall the next big thing in affiliate marketing?

You will easily build campaigns that are easy to manage. You can see the performance in real time and you have control over the campaigns. It gives the possibility to track the costs and ROI, assign tracking phone numbers or set payout terms and conditions.

All marketers are looking to increase the click rates together with the leads number that can then transform into sales. Now we know that more than half of the mobile searches end up with a phone call, which means a greater conversion rate. Among all the possibilities out there, Pay Per Call proved to be the champion when it comes to conversion.

Because you have greater chances for a call to result in a sale, you earn more. There are greater commissions for calls so you might think about switching to this method very soon.

Affiliates realized now that they have a better return from Pay Per Call than from other methods. The impressive ROI will make everyone invest their time and money into Pay Per Call.

In the case of Pay Per Click, leads won’t turn into commissions as much as you’d like. Pay Per Call allows a more accurate tracking which means increased lead crediting.


Get all the benefits with one advertising strategy

Smartphone usage made mobile search more convenient so people can interact with your business even when they’re not in front of a desk. Statistics show that most of the mobile searches determine users to call a business after having seen an ad.

Get all the valuable leads you need. Pay Per Call is one of the most efficient methods that will get the attention of the desired audience. Why is this so accessible? Instead of clicking on different ads or pages to get to your landing page that requires them to fill in a form, they can just click on your phone number and call for more information. This is your chance to connect with leads in real time while increasing your mobile audience.

Quality comes first especially for experienced marketers that know the importance of targeted audience. Increasing your ROI depends greatly on quality leads because those who call usually have a higher buyer intent. Using PPCall gives you the great advantage of controlling the quality of your leads by allowing to choose only the calls you need.

Smartphones will continue their ascent and more and more people will access products and services through their mobile devices. This will only mean an increase of the Pay Per Call marketing.

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